Royal Fire Protection

Single Gas Detector (Disposable)

The GasAlertClip Extreme offers unequaled protection in two and three year versions, with no sensor replacement, no calibration and no downtime. With zero maintenance costs and continuous around the clock monitoring, the GasAlertClip Extreme is a cost effective solution. Also compatible with the MicroDock II automatic test and calibration system

• Simple operation—one-button activation, test and data transmission
• Continuous, alphanumeric, status LCD shows detector life remaining, alarm set points and advises self-test status
• Built-in concussion-proof boot
• Records and displays the peak alarm encountered and the time elapsed since the exposure occurred
• Automated bump test with BW’s MicroDock II system
• Automatic event logging records 10 most recent alarm events; downloadable to a printer, computer or MicroDock II
• Loud (95 dB typical) audible alarm, bright, quad-LED indicators and internal vibrator alarm come standard
• Compact and lightweight
• Full-function self-test of audible/visual alarms, plus integrity of sensor, battery and circuitry
• Comes with stainless-steel alligator belt clip and test cap and instructions in local languages included