Royal Fire Protection

Repeater for indication and control IFS7002R

The IFS7002R repeater panel allow vital information from the IFS7000 system to be transmitted through points around the building, remote from the fire alarm control panels. Distributed at strategic points in a facility – such as nurse stations, floor landings, control rooms – valuable time can be saved when identifying the location of a fire and/or evacuating the building.

  • Maximum 63 remote panels 7002 network operational with a single repeater 7002R;
  • Full status and Full control to the IFS7000 system on the project site;
  • Built-in CAN 2.0B interface for network operation on total distance of 1000 meters;
  • Interfaces for communication with PC – USB directly;
  • Graphical LCD touchscreen display and EN54-2 required common LED indications for Fire, Fault warning,
  • Test, Disable conditions of the Fire System;
  • Optional language menus relevant to the market requirements;
  • 4-wire cable installation only, with failure monitoring and alert signal on power down event on the auxiliary power line.
  • Dedicated light remote zone indication;
  • Dedicated dry contacts for Fault and Fire;
  • Optional power supply: external power supply or PSU dedicated module mounted in the cabinet of the repeater;

Technical data:

– Light indication: LED
– Dedicated light remote zone indication: LEDs
– Text message: graphic LCD, 320×240 points, backlit
– Sound signaling: built-in sounder

Power supply:
From the fire control panel connected with the repeater IFS7002R:
– Voltage: (23±7)V DC
– Maximum current value: 180 mA
From external power supply (in compliance with EN54-4):
– Voltage: (10 – 30)V DC
– Maximum current value: 310 mA
From PSU module mounted in the cabinet of the repeater:
– Voltage: 220 – 230 V DC / 50 Hz
Back up batteries: 2 pcs., in serial:
– Battery type: lead, gel electrolyte
– Nominal voltage of the back up battery: 2×12 V DC / 7 Ah
Charge voltage – 28V

Relay output for fire conditions – 1 pc:
– Type: potential free, switching
– Electrical characteristics: 3A/125 V AC; 3A/30 V DC
Relay output for fault conditions – 1 pc:
– Type: potential free, switching
– Electrical characteristics: 3A/125 V AC; 3A/30 V DC
Built-in Interfaces:
– Network with IFS7002: CAN 2.0B (up to 63 pcs IFS7002 panels)
– USB slave: Directly
– PS2: keyboard for setup and programming: Directly
Dimensions: 304 x 222 x 94 mm
Weight: 1.240 kg