Royal Fire Protection

Powder based Extinguishing System

Powder based Extinguishing System

Royal Fire Protection Fire Suppression System is a pre-engineered, cartridge-operated dry chemical system with either a fixed nozzle distribution network or with hand hose line system.

The system is capable of automatic detection and when a fire is detected, the system is actuated either manually or automatically, operating the Cartridge cylinder valve. This operation pressurizes and fluidizes the dry chemical extinguishing agent in the tank, ruptures the burst disc when the required pressure is reached, and propels the dry chemical through network of distribution hose line system (manually operated) or through fixed nozzles and into the protected areas, suppressing the fire.

Royal Fire Protection fire suppression system is capable of providing local application hazard protection for mobile equipment and industrial Hazards. In certain industrial hazards, total flooding can be used.

The basic system consists of: Dry Chemical Agent Storage Tank(s), Expellant Gas cartridge, Distribution Hose and Nozzles, Manual/ Automatic Actuator, Automatic Detection System, and Accessories.