Royal Fire Protection

Portable CO2 Fire Extinguishers UL Listed

Royal Fire Protection gas extinguishers are characterised by their high performance for fires involving an electrical risk like computers, office equipment and generators etc. Co2 is non conductive, clean and safe, ensuring minimal damage to electrical equipment and furnishings.

  • Carbon Dioxide is the trusted nonconductive clean agent and is most effective for dealing with electronic equipment fires. CO2 is suitable for use on Class B and Class C fires.
  • TYPICAL USES: For protecting sensitive electronic equipment in offices, classrooms, parking garages, and hotel/motel assembly halls and guest areas. For protecting sensitive electronic equipment in businesses such as retail stores, light manufacturing facilities, research facilities, auto dealerships, vehicle/aircraft/marine service centers, and manufacturing processes such as painting, dipping, and coating.
  • Not suitable for use on fires involving cooking oil and grease. Recommended for use on sensitive electronic equipment.