Royal Fire Protection

Low Expansion Foam Branch Pipes

Royal fire Protection  Foam Branch pipes are air aspirated nozzles for application of foam solution. They have been developed to combine superior throw with the ability to produce stable, cohesive foam. The unique design of these branch pipes results in the required expansion of the foam, ensures proper mixing in the tube & at the same time provides higher velocity to the emerging foam stream, giving excellent range.

ModelPerformanceInlet PressureInlet
NF-500LXB225225lpm65psi2 ½” Instantaneous
NF-500LXB450450lpm65psi2 ½” Instantaneous
NF-500LXB340-455 LPM (89.8-123 GPM)6 - 10 Bar (87 - 145 PSI)2 ½” Instantaneous