Royal Fire Protection

Foam Sprinkler Head

Royal Fire Protection Foam sprinkler head Mounted within the roof structure provides an even distribution of foam assuring fast flame knock down and fire control. They also provide cooling to the structure and protection from heat radiation.

Spray systems employing foam sprinklers have great utility in fire protection of aircraft hangers, chemical process areas, petroleum loading racks, terminals, refineries and flammable liquid storage areas.

Model No.SizeSpray PatternFlow RateMaterial
NH-5001/2" NPTUpright/Pendent61 - 111 LPM (as per UL)
136 LPM (as per FM)
Stainless Steel
NH-5201/2" NPTPendent31 gpmBrass
Chrome Finish
NH-5503/4" NPTPendent50 gpmBrass
Chrome Finish
SD10101/2" NPTPendent12.2 Lpm/m²Brass