Royal Fire Protection

Foam Master

Royal Fire Protection Foam Master is a self contained mobile foam unit which has been specially developed for the rapid deployment of foam extinguishing agent to fires and chemical spills. Royal Fire Protection Foam Master can be operated by one person.

This unit is an ideal choice for the protection of smaller flammable liquid hazards such as boiler rooms, oil storage loading terminals and industrial sites.

Model No.NFM 150LNFM 500
Foam Tank Capacity150 Liters500 Liters
Foam Tank MaterialStainless Steel (S.S.316 L)Stainless Steel (S.S.316 L)
Foam Inductor2", 1-6% Variable2 1/2", 1-6% Variable
Foam Branch Pipe with ball valve2"2"
Fire Hose1 1/2" Dia 15M (2Nos)2 1/2" dia, 30m (2nos)
WheelsSolid RubberR-13 Type