Royal Fire Protection

Fixed CAF System

Royal Fire Protection CAFS 400 Gallons / 500 Gallons Compressed Air Foam Fire Suppression System uses compressed air to propel fire fighting foam. Thousands of tight radius bubbles quickly cool and smother a fire by providing a thick vapor-sealing blanket of foam that virtually eliminates re-ignition. The foam will adhere to horizontal and vertical surfaces. This system allows the operator to seal a fuel spill and flammable vapors with foam thus reducing or eliminating a potential fire. The system will discharge the foam approximately 25-30 meters. in a no wind condition allowing fire fighting personnel without protective clothing to avoid thermal injuries. Trained personnel can accomplish all maintenance except the hydrostatic pressure testing of the Air Cylinders, Premix Tank, and the Discharge Hose.

Extinguishing AgentCAFS Special FoamCAFS Special Foam
Capacity400 Gallons500 Gallons
Foam SelectionDry/WetDry/Wet
Working Pressure for Foam Cylinder8/10 Bar8/10 Bar
Cylinder MaterialStainless Steel, Grade 316 LStainless Steel, Grade 316 L
Test Pressure30 Bars30 Bars
Filling Pressure of Air Cylinder150 Bars150 Bars
Range of Discharge22 -25 mtrs.22 -25 mtrs.
Discharge Duration8 min.10 min.
Hose Size & Length1”x 30 mtrs.
1- 1/2”x30 mtrs.
1”x 30 mtrs.
1- 1/2”x30 mtrs.
Operating Temprature Limits+5°C to +60°C+5°C to +60°C