Royal Fire Protection

Film Forming Fluoroprotein Foam (FFFP) Concentrate

Royal Fire Protection FLUOROFOAM FFFP3AF and FFFP6AF are Film Forming Fluoroprotein Foam concentrates (FFFP) containing hydrolyzed protein and preservatives, together with a blend of fluorinated surfactants to achieve the maximum synergistic effect. The blend of flurochemicals selected is effective in reducing the surface tension of water as well as the interfacial tension between water and oil sufficiently low to give stable film on the surface of the fuel and as a result produce fire extinguishing rates superior to those obtained with synthetic based compounds.

Incorporation of protein in the formulation produces a thick visible blanket which has exceptional burn back resistance.

When proportioned with water and applied with conventional firefighting equipment, FLUOROFOAM FFFP3AF gives rapid fire knockdown and optimal firefighting performance on aviation fuels such as AVTUR and AVGAS.

FLUOROFOAM FFFP3AF and FFFP6AF meet the ICAO Level B standard for Airport Fire Protection.

Use Concentration3%6%
Specific Gravity @ 25°C1.17 ± 0.031.15 ± 0.03
pH @ 25°C6.5 – 7.56.5 – 7.5
Viscosity @ 25°C< 30 cSt< 30 cSt
Suspended sediment (v/v)< 0.1%< 0.1%
Freezing Point-16°C-16°C
Pour Point-15°C-15°C
Storage temperature-15°C – +49°C-15°C – +49°C
Foam Expansion> 8> 8
Foam Drainage 25%3.5 minutes min.3.5 minutes min.