Royal Fire Protection

Duralex Fire Hose, UL Listed

Outer and Inner Layers

Specially formulated rubber, extruded through the tabular fabric. smooth liner surface minimize head loss. High Temperature resistance.

Intermediate Textile Fabric Reinforcement

Jacket manufactured with tabular weave with high-tenacity polyster thread. Free of defects such as broken threads, knots, etc.

Working Pressure
Test Pressure
Burst Pressure
Standard Compliance /
Duralex 381 ½”3602.30290580870UL 19, NFPA 1961
UL Listed
Duralex 652 ½”5753.60245500750
Duralex 1004"10503.00215430645
Duralex 38-EL1 ½”3102.10300600900
Duralex 45-EL1 ¾”3602.90300600900
Duralex 50-EL2”4503.00300600900
Duralex 65-EL2 ½”5803.00300600900
Duralex 75-EL3”8703.00300600900
Duralex 100-EL4”8902.60250500750
Duralex 125-EL5”11902.80250500750
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion and to intensive professional use.
    • High resistance to oil, gasoline and wide range of chemicals.
    • High resistant to both contact and radiant heat.
    • Light weight hose, remaining flexible even at low temperatures (-20°C)
    • Hose Flexibility provides easy to handling and winding
    • High breaking resistance thanks to its special textile construction.
    • No maintenance or drying required.