Royal Fire Protection

Delivery Hose Coupling

Royal Fire Protection couplings are suitable for use with delivery hose and for fire fighting purposes. The delivery hose couplings are of instantaneous pattern, pull release type with ribbed tail and are manufactured to comply to BS 336:2010 standards. The couplings are suitable for use at working pressure not exceeding 15 bar.

Coupling TypeInstantaneous Male / Female coupling with pull release
Tailed EndsRibbed Type
Test Pressure22.5 Bar per 1 minute
S. No.DescriptionMaterial
1Body Male/Female Couplinga. Aluminium to BS 1706:1998
b. Copper Alloy to BS EN 12163:1998
3SpringSpring Steel
4Self Locking NutAluminium
  • BSI Kitemark and LPCB certified.
  • Castings are clean, sound and free from gross porosity.
  • Machined surface is within tolerance and is in accordance to BS 1134-2.
  • Coupling washers are made of natural rubber to BS1154.
  • Plungers are of self-locking type.