Royal Fire Protection

Addressable Natural Gas Detector 71CNG

The 71CNG detector is applicable for detection of natural gas (methane) in the protected area. The status of the detector is indicated with its built-in LEDs and built-in Sounder and meanwhile monitored and controlled from the IFS7002 addressable fire control panel.

The 71CNG is compliant with the EN50194-1 standard on the following trigger level – 5 000ppm CNG (methane) in the air, saturation 10% LEL (Low Explosion Level) of the protected area. The 71CNG is with built-in signal interface and aux. power interface.

Technical data:

Maximum number of 71CNG detectors in the IFS7002 signal loop:
125 pcs.

Supply voltage:
– signal loop (15-30)V DC
– power loop (18-30)V DC

Current consumption in Duty mode:
– signal loop <350μA
– power loop 55mA

Current consumption in Alarm mode:
– signal loop (2±1)mA
– power loop 75mA

Sound level: 100dB@1m
Temperature: from -5°C to 40°C
Degree of protection: IPX2D
Relative humidity resiatance (no condensation): 95%
Dimensions: 134 x 36 x 112mm
Weight: 0.115g.
Construction: ABS